Hello and Welcome to Love the Smell of a Book


My name is Kel and I am a self confessed book addict, I have loved reading since I was a child and have bookshelves brimming with books and a Kindle fit to burst.
My animal loving daughter Daisy is 13 years old and has a book addiction hot on the heels of mine which as you can imagine I am very keen to encourage!
A few years ago I was invited to join the amazing TBC group on Facebook and this has further encouraged my reading. I have since joined Netgalley so I can read new and upcoming book releases to help the amazing authors expand their coverage and gain more new readers through sharing reviews. I also take part in blog tours through both publishers and some lovely blog tour hosts that I have been lucky enough to make contact with.
As a reader we have the option of thousands upon thousands of books that we can either purchase at the local book shop, through Amazon, the local charity shop or even borrow from the library. Once we have read the books we tend to just put them back on the book shelf or return them to the library, sometimes a book is too good for its journey and impact to stop there.
Both myself and Daisy love to read and so we are excited to share this experience through our blog. We will share our reviews across a selection of genres, discuss what books are upcoming that we are wanting to read and hopefully in turn this will inspire more people to try different books as discovering a new favourite author is like being gifted a box of your favourite chocolates.
In our blog posts we also share affiliate links, this does not affect the price that you pay for a book you purchase as a result of reading the blog post, it does however offer us a tiny payment that we can contribute towards the running of our blog.
If you are an author/publisher who would like to get in touch with us about reading your books, please use the Blog Tour / Review Request Page.