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Happy Publication Day to the wonderful Katie Ginger who today releases The Little Library on Cherry Lane

My Review

Today I am super excited to be helping celebrate the release of The Little Library on Cherry Lane, a delightful story full of charm and wonderful characters.

Katie has a way of capturing the whole essence of a person when she writes so not only does she describe the location in such a visual way that the story plays out in front of your eyes she also does this with her characters. Elsie loves the library and always has found it a place that calms and soothes her soul, so when she finds out about the plans for her beloved refuge the normally quiet Elsie develops a who new persona.

When I picked up this book, I knew I needed to get comfy as I straight away was transported to Cherry Lane with it’s cute library which is a real central point for the whole village with wonderful connections to all of the other small businesses surrounding it. I loved the friendship between Elsie and Gemma and how the relationship between them was described and drawn upon throughout the story.

I really don’t want to give too much away, but I loved this book and wanted to just keep reading as I love books with a wonderful array of characters and not only did it have this in buckets but it was set in an idyllic village as well. As always a wonderful story full of love, loyalty and compassion, that i truly loved beginning to end.

Book Blurb

Elsie Martin may lead a quiet life, but working in her beloved local library is enough to make her happy. After all, books have always been her armour against the world. So when the library is threatened with closure to make way for a new housing development, Elsie knows it has to be saved – and that, despite being painfully shy, she needs to lead the campaign to save it.

Jacob Yardley thinks he’s doing the right thing by building a new affordable housing development. Why shouldn’t local people be able to buy a house in the place they grew up? Having to leave his own small hometown broke his heart. Plus, people don’t really use libraries anymore, do they?

As Elsie and Jacob clash over the future of the library, sparks begin to fly. Jacob is falling back in love with books and libraries – could he possibly be falling for her too? And will Elsie be able to save the library that means so much to her?

Available to purchase here

Meet the Author

KATIE GINGER lives by the sea in the south-east of England, and apart from holidays to very hot places where you can sit by a pool and drink cocktails as big as your head, she wouldn’t really want to be anywhere else. She is the author of Spring Tides at Swallowtail Bay,Summer Strawberries at Swallowtail BayWinter Wishes at Swallowtail BaySnowflakes at Mistletoe Cottage and the Seafront series – The Little Theatre on the Seafront, shortlisted for the Katie Fforde Debut Novel of the Year award, and Summer Season on the Seafront.

When she’s not writing, Katie spends her time drinking gin, or with her husband, trying to keep alive her two children: Ellie, who believes everything in life should be performed like a musical number from a West End show; and Sam, who is basically a monkey with a boy’s face. And there’s also their adorable King Charles spaniel, Wotsit (yes, he is named after the crisps!).

Many thanks for the invitation to read and review your latest release.

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Have a great day

Daisy, Jacks & Kel x



I am a total bookworm who loves nothing more than to lose herself in a book. My pile of books to read is teetering higher and higher as there are not enough hours in the day compared to how many old and new amazing books there are out there to read. I love to read in my spare time and books are a massive part of our household. I feel really lucky that Daisy also loves losing herself in the amazing worlds the authors are creating for us and neither of us ever go very far without having a book to hand as you never know when an opportunity to read may present itself.

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