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Today let me brighten your wet and miserable Sunday with my review for Under One Roof by Samantha Tonge

My Review

I am a massive fan of Samantha Tonge and was delighted to receive an invite to join her latest blog tour. In Under One Roof we meet Robin as she goes to stay with her estranged Mum.

I was instantly captured by the strained relationship between Robin & Faye and how they clashed over everything. As we got to know the pair we learnt about Robin and the difficulties experienced in her teenage years especially following the loss of her Dad and how her relationship with her Mum just seemed to spiral, until she finally ran away.

When Robin discovered the 30 year old treasure hunt, that her Dad had left behind she is keen to do it but meets opposition from her Mum, until her own daughter Amber comes for a visit and she see’s her Mum start to thaw a little.

A story full of unique relationship dynamics where they travel a rollercoaster of emotions as they try to forge relationships with each other, whilst finding a way to exist as a family and help each other solve the final clues for their last ever treasure hunt.

Book Blurb

One forgotten discovery will change three women’s lives for ever…

Robin hasn’t been home for decades. After running away to London, she never expected to see her cantankerous mother, Faye, again. But when Faye has a fall, the two women are thrown together once more.

The years apart have not made their hearts grow fonder and the ground between them is unsteady. Then Robin finds an unopened scroll – the last of the treasure hunts her much-missed father used to take them on every Sunday. A hunt he believed might change everything. 

Yet, not even this gift from her beloved father can smooth the way until Robin’s daughter, Amber, arrives to meet her grandmother for the first time.  Amber is determined that the decades-old mystery be solved.

Can a 30-year-old treasure hunt really ‘change everything’?

Available to purchase here

Meet the Author

Samantha Tonge lives in Manchester UK and studied German and French at university. She has worked abroad, including a stint at Disneyland Paris as part of the Opening Crew, and has travelled widely. She enjoys family time, baking and walking and always knew that one day she would write. Samantha finally took the plunge seriously in her late thirties, and hasn’t stopped since. Under One Roof will be her sixteenth book and she has also sold many dozens of short stories to women’s magazines.

Samantha’s uplifting stories are about identity and self-discovery, about friendships and communities. She enjoys creating diverse characters and writing about relatable issues that make the reader feel it’s not just me. Her books have hit the AmazonUK overall chart Top Ten position twice and she has won two awards.

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