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Happy Monday everyone, lets kick off the week with a 5* review for The Little Barn of Dreams by Lucy Knott

Today I am delighted to be kicking off the blog tour for the lovely Lucy and her latest release The Little Barn of Dreams.

Well where do I start, once again Lucy has created vibrant characters that capture your heart and take you on a wonderful journey. When I read Lucy’s last book, I had a new favourite and now I am torn as this one was equally as wonderful.

Florence is a wonderfully quirky character that I instantly connected with, she reminded me of my constantly daydreaming daughter and I loved how she has been encouraged to be herself by her Nan and not change despite the influence of her best friend. When Florence’s Nan books her a holiday to Camp Calla Lily she reluctantly embarks on an adventure that she has been avoiding since being left heartbroken after her last visit. On her arrival at the Camp Calla Lily she fell in love with the magical setting of the wooden huts with their fairy lights and piles of books to devour whilst relaxing.

Lucy has a wonderful way of creating characters with wonderful endearing quirks and Florence and Jo were the ultimate dreamteam, I loved the references to Little Women one of my absolute favourite books scattered throughout. From the moment I picked this up, I just wanted to keep reading as I was so invested in the new friendship that continued to grow between Florence and Jo, and was keen to discover why Jo was really at Camp Calla Lily and whether he was there to help or hinder his Grandfather.

A story that left me feeling warm and fuzzy and I would happily sit and read over again. The perfect book to curl up with in the garden and enjoy the summer sun whilst losing yourself in the gorgeous destination of Camp Calla Lily.

Book Blurb

When quirky bookworm Florence Danver loses her job, she knows it’s time to make some serious changes. Nanna Margot encourages Flo to spend a week at Camp Calla Lily, where she hasn’t been since she lost her parents. Her return is filled with bittersweet memories… until she meets Jo Hadlee.

Soon enough, Flo and fellow dreamer Jo are inseparable as they connect over books and build castles in the air. But when Jo leaves suddenly for his job in London, the fantasy bubble bursts and real-life comes roaring back in.

For Florence to turn her fairy-tale summer into a happily-ever-after, she’ll have to dive head-first into real life and all its chaos.

Available to purchase here

Meet the Author

Lucy Knott lives in Manchester England, just around the corner from her childhood home and less than five minutes from her twin sister Kelly and brother in law Chris. She loves spending time with her family in addition to writing, reading and cooking Italian food. When not buried in a book, scribbling in a notebook or having dance parties for one to Harry Styles, she works as a teaching assistant where the majority of her days are spent talking about dinosaurs and making Godzilla out of just about everything, from Blu Tac to cardboard boxes, and she loves every minute.

If she could up and move to the stunning Amalfi Coast, San Francisco or live in a cabin surrounded by fairy lights, she would, but for now she’s quite content writing about those magical places. Lucy loves to write uplifting stories that she hopes will put a smile on your face, fill your heart with joy, encourage you to embrace the awesomeness that you are and believe that any dream is possible.

You can find Lucy on
Twitter @TheBlossomTwins
Instagram @TheBlossomTwins


Many thanks for the invitation to read and review your latest release.

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Have a great day

Daisy, Jacks & Kel x



I am a total bookworm who loves nothing more than to lose herself in a book. My pile of books to read is teetering higher and higher as there are not enough hours in the day compared to how many old and new amazing books there are out there to read. I love to read in my spare time and books are a massive part of our household. I feel really lucky that Daisy also loves losing herself in the amazing worlds the authors are creating for us and neither of us ever go very far without having a book to hand as you never know when an opportunity to read may present itself.

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