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Step into the wonderful Lisbon whilst on jump on the blog tour for The Villa of Dreams by Lucy Coleman

Today I am delighted to be transported back to Lisbon whilst sharing my review for the wonderful The Villa of Dreams by Lucy Coleman.

My Review

In a year where we can’t travel freely for our holidays, books like this are the perfect escapism we all need. I loved being transported to Lisbon with Seren as she embarked on her new life at the gallery.

A story of passion, love and hope, I loved how Lucy bought Lisbon to life on the pages with the bright and vibrant descriptions for both the scenery and the mouth watering food. I truly felt like I had stepped off the plane and was soaking up the atmosphere around me.

The insight into the art work and how the art was being transformed for the fashion show was visual and demonstrated the wonderful descriptions throughout this story. The culture of Lisbon was well represented and this has made me keen to visit and soak it all up first hand after enjoying this light hearted read. A highly recommended read from an author who always offers a story set in a wonderful location.

Book Blurb

Seren Maddison left behind a rainy Britain to follow her dreams and live and work in Lisbon. The vibrancy, the beautiful scenery and the sunshine, made her fall in love and she knew, instantly, that it would be her forever home.

International artist Reid Henderson has homes in Lisbon and London. Following his painful divorce, his dream is to turn his luxurious home into an art school and gallery.

When Seren and Reid first meet there is an instant attraction, but they are both people who have been hurt, and each have dreams that are so far apart, they aren’t even on the same page. 

Can they enjoy one summer of happiness together, as life bestows a gift of memories to cherish for the rest of their lives? Or is their destiny to chart a path into the future, in a home where dreams can come true?

Seren and Reid may be about to discover that love is as much about what you are prepared to give up, as what you are prepared to keep hold of.

Let Lucy Coleman transport you away to sun-drenched Portugal where true love really can conquer all, and home is where the heart is. Perfect for all fans of Trisha Ashley, Holly Martin and Sue Moorcroft.

Available to purchase here

Meet the Author

Lucy Coleman is a #1 bestselling romance writer, whose recent novels include Summer in Provence and Snowflakes over Holly Cove. She also writes under the name Linn B. Halton. She won the 2013 UK Festival of Romance: Innovation in Romantic Fiction award and lives in the Welsh Valleys.

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