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If you are passionate about animals and conservation, check out my review for The Adventures of Ellie & Boo by Millie Kerr

Today we are sharing our thoughts and feelings after reading The Adventures of Ellie & Boo by Millie Kerr.

My Review

I love reading middle grade and young adult releases with Daisy as we both love to talk about the books we have read and the different feelings they create. As soon as I read the blurb for this one, I knew Daisy would love it as she is so passionate about animals and her cat Toodles is never far away.

I loved the relationship between Ellie & Boo at the beginning of the story and how she took her gorgeous furry friend everywhere with her. Boo is the pet that we all dream of having as we all wish we could communicate with our pets and see how they are really feeling.

A story that highlights lots of facts whilst being a work of fiction, it will help raise awareness of the impact society is having on animals natural living conditions and what we can do to help. Where we live we used to have a badger set close by and we used to love seeing them running around, however since more houses have been built they have disappeared and this added to the impression this story left on us.

A brilliant read that will make children stop, think and ask questions, with a few images scattered throughout to help with visualisation and impact. We both found the story informative and factual and it created lots of talking points. Hopefully it will help to create more awareness in children surrounding conservation and animal protection.

Book Blurb

A nature-loving cat and her conservationist mum team up to save endangered species!

Boo the tabby cat is born on a Lincolnshire farm and seems destined for a simple life. Everything changes when she’s put up for adoption and is taken in by Ellie Caldwell, an adventurous Cambridge graduate student who loves animals and is studying to become a wildlife conservationist.

Between lectures, Ellie heads to the countryside for camping trips, her Instagram-anointed ‘adventure cat’ in tow. On rocky trails, Boo discovers that, like Ellie, she has a passion for the natural world, and because she’s able to communicate with all animals, she can relate their challenges back to Ellie. But there’s a serious problem: whenever Boo tries to tell Ellie something, all Ellie hears is “Meow.”

Can they work out a communication system, and in doing so, save endangered animals from harm while encouraging public support of nature and wildlife?

Available to purchase – Amazon UK, Amazon US, Waterstones

Meet the Author

Millie Kerr is an author, journalist and photographer focused on wildlife conservation. A former lawyer, Millie uses storytelling to help people see splendour and fragility of the natural world. Her creative essays and reported articles—which predominantly involve travel and wildlife—have appeared in dozens of top-tier American and British publications, among them The Economist, National Geographic Traveller, Popular Science, and The Wall Street Journal. Millie has also worked for numerous global conservation NGOs, both as an in-house writer and an external consultant; and her legal career saw her working in private practice and government. She graduated from the University of Cambridge with a Masters of Philosophy in Conservation Leadership and has lived between the UK and USA for fifteen years. Her adopted cat, Baboon, has been her constant companion, although unlike their fictitious counterparts, they only enjoy indoor adventures.

Where to find Millie Kerr

Twitter @millieckerr

Instagram @milliekerrphotography / @millieckerr

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