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Pop over to my blog today to read my review for The Plus One Pact by Portia Macintosh

Today I am joining the blog tour for The Plus One Pact, another brilliant read with lots of comedy sprinkled throughout.

My Review

Here is my review for the ultimate feel good read, which is just what the doctor ordered in the current climate. I love a light hearted read and have found I am gravitating to them more recently and this one made me giggle throughout.

When Cara meets Millsy and they come to an agreement to be each others plus ones for some family events, what could possibly go wrong. Neither of them anticipated how well they would get on or the mischief they would find themselves creating as they put their plan into action.

I really enjoyed this book, it made me chuckle throughout as the characters came to life and create havoc at each event they attend. Cara is a brilliant personality and I felt drawn to her, I liked her attitude and how she quickly struck up a friendship with Millsy. This book is light hearted read and will keep you entertained right until the last page.

Book Blurb

What if your plus one could be the one…?

Cara has officially run out of men. Her most recent dates have gone from bad to worse, and when her dating app informs her there is no one left in her area to choose from, she is at a dead end.

But with a summer of events ahead of her, she needs to find a solution, fast; someone to keep her company at the never-ending weddings, family gatherings and gender reveal parties that she can’t face going to alone. 

So when she meets handsome, confident, Millsy on a night out she may be in luck. They could not be more different in personality, but he too has a summer of events ahead and is desperate to get his family off his back about finding a ‘nice girl’. What if they made a pact to help each other out and be a plus one for the summer? Just as friends of course…? 

A brand new romantic comedy from bestseller Portia MacIntosh, perfect for fans of Zara Stoneley, Sophie Ranald and Mhairi McFarlane.

Available to purchase here

About the Author

Portia MacIntosh is a bestselling romantic comedy author of 12 novels, including It’s Not You, It’s Them and Honeymoon For One. Previously a music journalist, Portia writes hilarious stories, drawing on her real life experiences.

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Many thanks to Rachel’s Random Resources for the invitation to join the blog tour, please remember to like and share to help spread the book love!



I am a total bookworm who loves nothing more than to lose herself in a book. My pile of books to read is teetering higher and higher as there are not enough hours in the day compared to how many old and new amazing books there are out there to read. I love to read in my spare time and books are a massive part of our household. I feel really lucky that Daisy also loves losing herself in the amazing worlds the authors are creating for us and neither of us ever go very far without having a book to hand as you never know when an opportunity to read may present itself.

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