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#Review Today is publication day for The First Wave: The Weight of Magic Episode 1 by Lana Melyan #PublicationDay #BackaBlogger #TBConFB @lanamelyan

Today is publication day for The First Wave by Lana Melyan which is the first short story in The Weight of Magic series. This is a  brilliant first instalment for this series where you  have the opportunity to get to know the characters and a glimpse into the world they live in.

I really enjoyed getting to know Nicky & Connie as they transition from normal teenage life to a life including their powers. With Gran and her much loved bookstore and a powerful warlock as a Father, these best friends are eachothers confidantes and take everything on together.

A superb first book that leads you into the series, I can’t wait to read the second book to see where this series is taking us as I felt bereft when I reached the end of this book and wants to know what comes next.


Book Blurb

I’m the daughter of a powerful warlock. Magic is in my blood.

Something bad is brewing in the magical world, and I can’t wait for my powers to kick in, so I can help the coven, be useful. But I’m nearly eighteen and still not a witch.

Where did my magic go? And why do my witch parents act so suspiciously when I come to them with my questions?

On the first day of school, I notice a guy, too old to be a student. He watches me from afar – sometimes with a smirk, sometimes with a frown on his handsome face.

The question is – what does he want from me?

My best friend Connie thinks it’s merely an innocent flirt, but something tells me that the answer is more complicated than that.


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