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#Review Today I am sharing my review for Second Chances for Lottie Botte by Katy Lilley #SecondChancesforLottiebotte #blogtour #compulsivereaders #backablogger @katylilley @booksmanatee @Tr4cyF3nt0n

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I am delighted to be closing the blog tour today for Second Chances for Lottie Botte. I love a light hearted read and this will have you giggling from cover to cover as Lottie Botte goes on a personal mission to make some changes in her life.

Lottie Botte is a character that I instantly fell in love with and was cheering her on from the sidelines as she swallows her pride and starts to move forward. I loved her attitude to her situation and how she dusted herself off and got stuck in.

This book is the perfect holiday read when you want to sit back and just emmerse yourself in a lovely light read, I found myself wanting to keep picking the book up to keep reading as I wanted to know what would happen next for Lottie and her newly found friends.

I loved this book which is full of beautiful locations and brilliant characters, I will definitely be reading more by Katy Lilley.


Book Blurb

Unhappy, friendless and dissatisfied with life in general, Lottie Botte isn’t afraid to let people know how she really feels.

When her husband Donald comes home and drops a bombshell, Lottie realises she is about to lose everything. Now is her chance to make some changes.

Second chances don’t come along very often, and Lottie must grab her opportunity with both hands, even if it means negotiating with the mysterious hot guy who is moving into her house…

Can Lottie become someone else – a less grotty, snotty Lottie?


Katy Lilley

Available to purchase here

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Many thanks to Tracy at Compulsive Readers for the opportunity to take part in this blog tour.



I am a total bookworm who loves nothing more than to lose herself in a book. My pile of books to read is teetering higher and higher as there are not enough hours in the day compared to how many old and new amazing books there are out there to read. I love to read in my spare time and books are a massive part of our household. I feel really lucky that Daisy also loves losing herself in the amazing worlds the authors are creating for us and neither of us ever go very far without having a book to hand as you never know when an opportunity to read may present itself.

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