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You Me and Mr Blue Sky by Craig Lancaster & Elisa Lorello

I have previously read Craig Lancaster and jumped at the chance to review this ahead of release date at the end of January.

I loved this book following the journey of Linus, Jo Jo and their guardian angel Mr Bluesky.

Each chapter is the individual journey they are embarking on and the different paths they choose to take and how their paths become more interwoven as the book progresses.

A lovely feel good read that makes you reflect and think about decisions you make and the affect they have both on you and those around you. I look forward to reading more books written by this brilliant duo.

Book Blurb

Is love a choice, or is it fate?

Jo-Jo Middlebury is done with love. Linus Travers wants one more shot at it. Mr. Blue Sky, their 1970s-loving guardian angel, offers perspective on both when he’s not busy diving into reruns of “Happy Days” and “Barney Miller.”

Linus can save Jo-Jo’s business, but Jo-Jo makes it clear that she needs no one to rescue her, least of all him. Add to that an ex-fiancé with a change of heart, a single mom who wants a good time, and a married couple who’ve blurred the boundaries of their respective friendships with Linus and Jo-Jo.

All the while, Mr. Blue Sky observes, explains, and ever-so-gently interacts.

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