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The Book of Love by Fionnuala Kearney – an exceptional 5* read

The Book of Love is a beautifully written story about a note book that is gifted to Erin and Dom as a wedding present by Erin’s father. The idea behind the gift is so that Dom & Erin can write down anything that is difficult to talk about to ensure that they maintain a healthy relationship.

A truly beautiful story about love that lasts a life time, soul destroying loss and having the courage to overcome your demons. I sat and read this book in one sitting as once I had started reading I couldn’t put it down. This story will break your heart and then put it back together only to break it all over again, make sure you have tissues to hand as they will be required whilst reading this wonderful book.

The Book of Love is a haunting story that will stay with me, it was beautifully written and is a must read to anyone who enjoys an emotional read.

Book Blurb

One love. Two people. Twenty Years.

From the moment they met, Erin and Dom loved each other too much, too quickly. Everyone said it wouldn’t last. But they knew differently.

A wedding present, a notebook, brings them together through the good times and the bad. On the blank pages of their love story, they write down everything they can’t always say – the secrets, the heartbreak, the highs and lows. It’s where they see the best and worst of each other.

Falling in love is easy but staying in love is where the story begins…

This is the Book of Love

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