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A Miracle on Hope Street by Emma Heatherington

I love an author who writes with such skill to always trigger an emotional response and this story again pulls at the heart strings.

A Miracle on Hope Street is a beautiful story about loss, love and finding a reason to hope again. It is a story full of characters from all walks of life who have loved and lost and through being united are finding reasons to hope again.

A truly brilliant story that I absolutely loved and will definitely be recommending as it made me feel all of the emotions being portrayed as I read them throughout the story.


Book Blurb

Can a single act of kindness change a life forever?

To many people Ruth Ryans has everything: the perfect job, a home to die for and a loving family. But it’s all lies. As Christmas approaches, Ruth feels lonelier than ever.

Then Ruth meets Michael. A man who, on the night of her father’s death the year before, she showed kindness to during his darkest moment. That one single act, his miracle, helped change his life forever.

Can one act of kindness really change a person’s life? Ruth decides to find out and plans to make this Christmas the most perfect one ever, opening up her home to those who need her help – the lonely, the lost and the ignored.

This Christmas actions will speak louder than words and Ruth Ryans’ kindness will create little miracles for everyone … including her own battered heart.

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